"How will I receive my photos?"

  • Photos are delivered through a Digital Photo Album
  • If you'd rather receive your photos on a disc or flash drive, that is an option as well. 

"When will I get my photos?" 

  • Weddings: 4-6 weeks
  • Other Sessions: 1-3 weeks depending on the session chosen
  • If you need your photos back faster than described above, I offer additional rush fees so that you can receive your photos faster. 

"I love your work, but I live far away. Do you travel?"

  • Yes! I love to travel, so bring it on (Travel at Cost). 

"What should I wear to my session? I'm stumped!"

  • Wear whatever you feel the most confident in! Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. 
  • Solids tend to work a little better on camera - but patterns are great in moderation!
  • If you are in a session with another person, coordinate! Don't match.
  • Feel free to bring some outfit options with you! We can always work those in. 

"Who can I bring with me to my session?"

  • You can bring anyone you'd like! Or you can come alone. It's totally up to you.

"I have a few ideas in mind for my photo shoot. Can we try them out?"

  • Feel free to send any and all ideas that you may have my way! I love for my clients to have as much say in their sessions as possible.
  • That being said, all poses and final edits are made for a reason. I want your photos to stand out! 

"Can I post the photos from our session online and on social media?"

  • Absolutely! I only ask that you credit me by tagging "Stephanie Cintron Photography" in the caption, comments, or album name.  

"Where can I order prints?"

  • I highly suggest ordering from any of the following sites: shutterfly.com, artifactuprising.com, nationsphotolab.com, or mpix.com.


"Can you change the edit of this photo to something different? Or send me the original?"

  • I do not send unedited/original photos to clients.
  • If you do want a different edit on a photo, let me know I will re-edit certain photos for a small charge.

"How do you accept payment? When is payment due?"

  • All payment should be made either with cash, check, or Venmo.
  • Payment for Portrait and Lifestyle Sessions are due one week prior to the day of the shoot.
  • Payment for Weddings are due at least two weeks prior to the Wedding Day.

"Something came up!" "The weather is going to be terrible this weekend!" "Can we reschedule?"

  • Things come up and I totally understand that! As long as you let me know 48 hours before your scheduled session, we can always work something out!​