mentor sessions with steph

When I first started photography, I kind of jumped right in with no plan, no experience, no real direction. I had so many questions and had no one to ask them to. I want the exact opposite for you, friend! My goal with these mentor session is to help you take the leap into just STARTING. I'll be in your corner - coaching you, cheering you on, answering any questions you may have! Each session is customized for YOUR needs so that you get the most out if it! Common topics we can cover include:

+ Camera Gear

+ Editing/Lightroom

+ Posing Clients

+ Social Media

+ Website Building

+ Workflow

coffee + chat

 + 1 Hour Virtual Chat

+ Q+A with Steph answering up to 5 questions of your choosing

+ Access to any knowledge that I may have regarding photography - I'm an open book!

+ Personalized Review Packet

1 hour Chat | $150

live shoot

 + 1 Hour Live Shoot


+ Shadow me working with a couple or individual

+ Learn how I naturally work through poses and prompts

+ Guide featuring some of my favorite prompts and poses

1 hour Live Shoot | $250

chat + live shoot

 + 2 Hour In-Person or Virtual Chat

+ Q+A with Steph answering up to 10  questions of your choosing

+ 1 Hour Live Shoot with Steph (Couple or Individual)

+ Personalized Review Packet

+ Posing and Prompt Guide

2 hour Chat + Live Shoot | $450

Addison and I started hosting styled shoots in 2020 as a way to cultivate community within the photography industry. We are FIRM believers in community over competition and these events are created with that exact mindset! Our first shoot was called Champagne&Shutters and the entire day was all about capturing gorgeous photographs while learning from on another. We plan the entire shoot and work closely with trusted vendors to make each event unique and special. All you have to do is show up ready to create some magical photos and make new friends.

Next Styled Shoot: Lenses & Lattes | Wednesday, March 24th

here's what you get:

+ 2 gorgeous styled shoots brought to you by local vendors

+ A chance to meet and collaborate with other photographers

+ Practice working with and posing live couples

+ Content that you actually want to share to attract your ideal client

+ Coaching and direction from me and Addie

Thanks for submitting! Once we gather details on our next styled shoot, you will be the first to know!

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styled shoots

with Steph + Addison

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