3 Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS a Website

Okay you had to see this blog post coming. As much as we love to rely on social media for our businesses - whether is be Instagram, Facebook, What'sApp, Pinterest, etc. - we have seen time and time again what happens when these platform undergo downtime. Now, I will be the first to say that social media as a whole is a HUGE part of business strategy, but it should not and cannot be the end all be all for your business.

Your website needs to be your go to location on the internet for your business. It should centralize all of your thoughts that you share on your feed posts, stories, direct messages and reels. Social media is an incredible tool to share your offers and services, however it should point your audience to your website - a place where they can get the GOOD STUFF. Full descriptions of your services, freebies, all the goodies.

Today's blog post is all about why your business NEEDS a website. Even if social media is your main tool for marketing.

A website creates credibility

Think about it. When is the last time you purchased from a brand or business and they didn't have a website linked on their social media account? Exactly.

A website shows that a business owner or team is serious about what they do. Websites take a lot of time and most times, a good bit of money. Websites are one of many ways to show that you believe in your business and are willing to invest. When you are confident in your product or service, that tends to reflect on your target demo.

Websites are better for SEO

Even though social media platforms have shown that they are interested in implementing SEO practices (ie. alt text on IG posts) websites simply just take the cake. You could spend hours crafting up the most perfect caption on the 'gram or on Facebook but will almighty Google take that into account? Mmmm, I think not.

Google does however LOVE websites. The big guns at Google crawl your pages and search for that value filled content in blog posts, image titles, page descriptions, the list truly goes on. And here's the best part: the more you work on your site and provide the answers people are searching for, the higher you rank on Google. First page, here you come!

You OWN your website

It's safe to say that after today's events with IG + Facebook being shut down for literally hours, we were all a little shook. So many people rely solely on social media for their biz and the truth of the matter is this: as much as you love your Instagram feed, pins on Pinterest, TikTok videos, and Facebook groups, you don't own them.

However, if you share all the same content and even more on one central hub, ahem - your website, you would be feeling a lot more comfortable if any of these platforms somehow disappeared tomorrow.

I hope that this post challenges you to think about how you're showing up. And let's be super clear, I love Instagram and as much as the next person - and I mean really love it. I was right beside you in refreshing the apps all day today. Social media is certainly KEY in marketing but as we know, that space is ever changing and entirely out of our control. So let's not forget to get a solid grasp on the thing that we can control, our websites.