Bri + Anthony - Gainesville, GA Proposal

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Happy New Year, Everyone! I hope the holidays treated you so well and that you're all rested up and ready to hit the ground running and accomplish all of those 2019 resolutions! I know I sure am.

I have been wanting to share this session for quite sometime now so words can't describe how excited I am to finally get around to it. This story is by far one of my favorites that has happened during my years as a photographer!

So back in August '18, I hosted a session giveaway on Stephanie Cintron Photography's Instagram Page - which you should definitely follow if you don't already. The winner would receive a free mini portrait session of their choice. After the giveaway results came about, Bri was my winner! I had met this gem a while back while working an event for my job and I remember her spirit being SO contagious so I was already beyond excited to capture that during her session.

Bri initially wanted a session with Anthony and I had to lie (Sorry Bri!! Hope it was worth it!) and tell her that I wanted the session the be a single portrait session and be super basic because not too long after I planned some stuff out with her, Anthony reached out to me to see if her session could turn into something a little bit more than that... yes people, a PROPOSAL.

After I cried from excitement, Anthony and I planned out every minute of her session so that it would result in the most exciting moment - him getting down on one knee and proposing to his gal! And these photos are the result of one of my favorite memories I've had while being behind the camera! They are raw, they are honest, and they are full of love!

Toward the end of this love filled session, we had one more surprise for Bri. Yep, her family and friends! They were in on it too!

Congrats on life and love Bri + Anthony! Thank you for letting SCP be a part of this milestone! I will never forget it.