Daniele - Auburn Grad

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

WE ARE BACK BABY and this time with content on content on content! In classic SCP fashion, I wanted to start bringing these blog posts back with my last grad shoot from this season. I know, completely backwards but here we are!

Early May 2019, me and bae took a trip to Auburn, Alabama for my first out of state shoot. I'd never been to Auburn before so you know the Dawg in me was just the tiniest bit nervous. Thankfully, this client was a familiar face.

I've known Daniele since high school yearbook days - that's right, she's a CHS War Eagle gone AU War Eagle - so it was super nice getting to see her again and photograph this special time. She was seriously so bubbly and radiant during her shoot - despite our slight rain delay!

Daniele showed us all of the staple spots on Auburn's campus and I have to say, it was STUNNING! I also learned that they have a Panera on their campus that's open 24 hours and I was immediately jealous - Panera is one of my faves if you didn't know!

We had so much fun meeting up and chatting about her post-grad plans which include moving back to Atlanta! Thanks Daniele for letting SCP play a small part in your graduation and for being so awesome during the shoot. I had so much fun catching up with you and hearing all about your college experiences!