Starting 2021 With Intention

Updated: Jan 17

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It’s the 12th of January and I am just now able to kinda formulate my thoughts surrounding this new year. Anyone else off to a slower start in 2021??

I’ve been spending lots of time thinking about what I want 2021 to look like for me - personally and professionally. And the one thing that I keep on coming back to is INTENTION *starts blaring Justin Bieber.* I guess you could call that my word of the year!

After reflecting on the rollercoaster ride from you-know-where that was 2020, I am extremely excited to go into ‘21 with a fresh start, goals to crush, and exciting things planned. Even if it did take me a little over a week to figure my ish out.

I know, I know. A lot of people feel some type of way when it comes to setting New Year’s Resolutions. Some say it’s pointless and corny. Some people are firm believers. I would have to say I have a pretty neutral stance on resolutions to be honest. I would always write out my crazy resolutions - “lose 15 pounds by the middle of the year, travel the world, blah blah blah.” We’ve all said these crazy things and then are usually disappointed when we haven’t increased our bank accounts by 150%.

So yeah, my perspective has definitely shifted. Rather than setting out to do all of these lofty, larger than life things, my MAIN goal this year is to be intentional with everything that I do. Now trust me, ya girl loves to have fun. Like lots of fun. Maybe it’s just the Enneagram 1 in me, but I think there’s a beauty that comes with planning and being strategic and thoughtful with the way we live our lives. That being said, here are a few ways I plan on leading an intentional life in 2021 (hint, hint: I will be talking a lot more about some of these topics throughout the year on the blog):

Give myself permission to create just for fun.

This is actually something I started doing toward the end of 2020 and I can easily say that it has absolutely helped me in my business. Creating just for fun, no pressure, no deadlines, allows me to think more creatively and freely on your wedding day or during our session together. Even when I'm designing your dream website. Way that I plan on creating for fun this year:

- FREE (yeah I said it, FREE) Shoots

- Playing around with non traditional design stuff

- Trying out new gear and shooting techniques - something is already in the mail for this one!

Actively seek out community.

I've said it before, and I will say it again - FIND YOUR TRIBE. Find those people that believe in you and edify you and fuel your fire. This isn't an overnight thing whatsoever but it takes effort and willingness. If you've been hanging around here for a while, you know I am a H U G E proponent of Community Over Competition. And I have a genuine belief that most people think the same. Be intentional with who you want in your tribe and you will have an incredible arsenal of humans who are in your corner ready to help you grow.

Make time for daily movement.

Ah yes, the traditional workout resolution. Guilty. I've switched it up this year. Last year this resolution looked like "workout 3-4 times a week" and lemme tell you, that failed. I was on it for the first month of the year but then you know COVID hit. So I guess I can give myself a little break? I digress, but I am making a simple, VERY achievable goal of MOVING every day. Whether it be a short walk or an intense spin workout, or even just 10 minutes of stretching - creating a dedicated time to move my usually desk bound body pushes for overall physical and mental (yay endorphins!) health.

Downtown Atlanta Branding Photos

Invest in my business

I spent a crap ton of money last year on my business. Way more than I ever have in the past. And it was freaking scary. But even more so than that, it was FREAKING REWARDING. Money can be really daunting and it often feels like something that we feel like we have to clutch on to so so tightly - but I want to challenge that. If you are intentional with your dollars and are spending and saving on the RIGHT things for your business, it becomes a whole lot less scary. Here are some of the things I've invested in recently:

- Education

- Retreats

- Updated Gear

- Softwares that make my life easier

So the first four goals of this blog were very much so set into action last year. These last two are kind of a swift kick in the ass for myself to FIRMLY implement in '21.

Say a ton of yeses and even more nos.

Have you ever been into a job interview and they ask you what your biggest weakness is? My answer is always "I don't know how to say no." And I still feel like this is TRUE to this day. This year I still want to YES but I am really going to learn how to say NO to the things that don't serve you. But Steph, shouldn't you take EVERY opportunity that comes your way? Nah, fam. Not every person that reaches out is your ideal customer, not every party is necessary to go to. By saying no to those "eh" opportunities you free up your most valuable resource, time, for the things that make your heart screech in the best way possible. Point being, if it's not a hell yes, then it's a hell no.

Turn off and rest.

Another hard pill for me to swallow. As The Achiever, I genuinely enjoy working. I love scratching things off a checklist and a long checklist makes me feel "successful" in a way. And as a Wing 2, The Helper, I am obsessed with serving others. I will cut into my own time to help someone else. At the end of 2020, I experienced a bit of burnout. I was pouring from an empty cup because I didn't allow myself to fill up with rest and retreat. In order to lead a purpose driven '21 and crush all of the things I mentioned, I HAVE to rest and accept that rest is not the enemy but it's a resource!

This got a little long winded but here we are! Let's be intentional with our time and our hearts this year, friend! If you made it to the end, let me know by popping on the gram to tell me one of your goals for this year on this post!

Until next time friends!